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Who was Tunch Ilkin’s wife Karen Rafferty? Former Pro Bowl lineman, broadcaster dies at 63


Tunch Ilkin was also a popular American Footballer, he was a sports broadcaster also. He was a two-Pro Bowl selection as an offensive tackle, along with the Pittsburgh steelers. Not only this he was the very first person who was played in the National Football League. But, there is a sad piece of news about him that has been passed away at aged 63. He took his last breathes on Saturday. He was so ill and was going through with severe disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Tunch Ilkin Cause of Death

Who was Tunch Ilkin’s wife Karen Rafferty?

There was an announcement made by him in which he said that “I have to focus on my treatment on the top-notch of eth medical systems so I’m going to resign from the duty of radio analyst. The news of his sudden demise has created a shocking wave on the internet. For his friends and fans, it is the most disheartening news. Now the sports industry is in grief and his demise is the biggest loss for his family. They lost someone who is so precious to them. And it isn’t going to be easy for them to survive without him. His wife was so close to him and she loves him so much, well for her this is the most saddest and devastating moment of her life to lose her husband.

A most popular athlete was a fixture on the Steeler’s offensive line when he went into the sixth round of the 1980 draft. In NF which was played at Pittsburg, he played 13 on his 14 seasons, 1989 he tackled under Hall of fame coach Chunk Noll. For the steelers were seen in the 176 games and make 143 starts. In 1993 he put his efforts into the team Green Bay Packers. Then he joined a radio team and there he spent his 23 seasons and git fame around Southwestern Pittsburgh’s team of radio.

The owner of the steelers, Mr. Art Rooney, given a statement in which he said that “its heartbreaking to know that Tunch has been passed away. He was a faithful man who devoted his entire life to religion the belief and a perfect family man. And he was so passionate about football.” His fans and friends took to Twitter to pay their tribute to him. And they are also showing deep condolence to his family as they are in huge grief and in the most difficult time. His loss is unbearable for his family.

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