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Tujhse Hai Rabta Today’s Episode Update 28th April 2021: Vaijanti Get Conscious


Here we are with the written episode update of “Tujhse Hai Rabta” on 28 April 2021. The episode starts with Vaijanti take a stand for her husband and she uses to scold and yell at Mlahar and says who are you to touch my husband and take him to the police station. While she is saying this to him, he uses to hold her hand tightly and Srathak tells him to leave her hand and can’t you see she is pregnant.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

you are treating her this badly are you out of your mind. Sarthak tells him she isn’t our Kalyanai as she is seven months pregnant. Malhar says that I can feel the sound of her feet my Kalyani also has the same hence I’m sure that she is my Kalyani. Layer Anipuriys tells Mlahar not to force of stretch to prove that she is Kalyani else if it happened or clear thet she is Kalyani then Sarthak will be going to inform about this to Menakshi and he take her away from there.

While Vaijanti use to follow Paraam and she gets conscious, falls on the ground, Malhar picks her up and take her ‘to the house and he calls the doctor to treat her. Malhar gets worried for her and he uses to take care of her meanwhile the doctor comes. When a doctor is treating her Malhar asks him whether she is pregnant or not, but the doctor use t ask him a question “how can you ask this.” Meanwhile, Parm reaches there along with the police and he grabs Malhar’s collar.

He warms home to not touch her and doesn’t even dare to come close to her ever. Meenakshi also comes there and Anupriya gets shocked seeing her there. Menakhksi says to Anu[roya that “what you have thought that I can’t find you and let you go so easily?” Anupriya repliers to her that “it means Sarhak helps you to find my location”. Meenakshi exclaims to her how she doesn’t need anyone helps to find out about her enemy as she is enough”

Menakshi says “you aren’t spare as I have got a transfer in your city and now pray to god to save from me as well as to not get arrested.” Anupriys says to her if you want to arrest us then show us a warrant. Thus, Meenakshi warns them and says I will come back with hal the evidence against you and then you must have to face prison.

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