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Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Episode 29th April 2021 Latest Update Spoilers Twist & Story


Here we are with a written episode update of your favorite serail “Tujhse Hai Rabta” on 29 April 2021. The episode begins Meenakhshi is all set to arrest the culprits of Kalyani. She says to everyone that ” I will find out whether she is Kalyani or Vaijanti and put you all inside the prison. While the truth will going to unveil by the evening. While you guys have made a good plan to hide Klayni but it will not going to work.”

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On the other side, Malhar is going crazy for her wife and he says that ” the girl I loved so much I didn’t even take a time for me she has been ignoring me and denying to accept me as her husband, how this can be possible my wife is refusing to accept me ‘and she didn’t even remember that I’m her husband. Even she is exclaiming that she is six months pregnant from someone else.” He is so worried as well as angry with the reactions of his wife.

Next, we will go to see that Meenakshi arrest Pram and she says the “be you will going to tell me the truth about her.” Parm says to her that “she is my wife and I don’t know anything other than this.” Meenakshi uses to warn him and she warns him if he doesn’t tell the truth to her then she will go to give him a torcher. Meanwhile, Vijayanti Reddu reaches there and she says “what have you done to my husband how can you arrest him and behave badly to him.

Menakshi says to her “if you want to take your husband from there then you must have to tell me the truth about you.” Vaijanti exclaims that she is Vahyainti only and he is my husband. Meenakshi gives him a paper and tells her to sign on it and take her husband from there. She uses to read this but is unable as it is in Hindi and she asks Meenakshi what is written on this paper. Later she tells Param that it is written “Your Husabnsd Malhar’s life is in danger and might get die tonight.”

Hence I will like to see will she take any action after this or not. Later Meenakshi finds thet Vaijanti’s leg is injured hence she lin things and get to know that Vaijabti and Kalyani are the same people but she use to defend her self and the episode ends. Watch the full episode on Zee Tv.


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