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Tujhse Hai Raabta, Today’s Episode, 31 May 2021, Written Update, Malhar saves Moksh from accident!


In the new episode of the serial, you are going to see Sarthak as he is looking at one of his daughter’s sketch and then he kept on crying as he is hugging the painting and then Anupriya enters the scene and she is calling Sarthak as she has found him while he was crying and she immediately ask him that what is it that is bothering him as she stated that he is crying to which he replied that he is not crying, it’s just the sweating and then Anupriya sees the sketch and ask him,

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Who does thing painting belongs to and then he stated that this painting belongs to their daughter and stated that she is alive as she gets surprised and said that is she really our daughter and she stated that she wants to meet her as she is about to faint and she is crying repeatedly.

Then Sarthak holds her as he wakes up and he is shouting Anupriya and all of this turned out to be a dream and then Anupriya comes into the room and ask him that why is he shouting her name and he stated he saw a dream and then asks her that she can sleep without worrying too much and then she also tells him to sleep and calm down and then Sarthak looks on to the painting of their daughter and thinks to himself that for how long can he keep this hidden from her as the situation is troubling him too much. In the next scene which is going to continue in the morning

As Gungun has noticed that Utara has mixed up something in the glass of milk of Moksh as she wonders about what is she mixing up in the milk and then Utara goes to Moksh and tells him to drink the milk as it contains his medicine and then Utara stated that she was adding medicine in the milk and then Kalyani stated that she is going to make him a drink and then Utara shook off her ghungroo as she is hypnotizing Moksh after which Moksh is all shaken up and then Utara stated that she is going to go and entertain Moksh and she can leave without thinking too much.

In the next, you are going to see Gungun as she has managed to break off the glass of Moksh after which Utara get really upset and leaves from there as Gungun is hiding and then Kalyani finds the stone from which she broke his glass and then Moksh told her that Gungun is the one who has done this and then she stated that he doesn’t need to worry as she is going to find the girl and then Moksh says that is she really going to find her.

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