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Tujhse Hai Raabta Today’s Episode 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Malhar Comfortable Kalyani


We are back with the written update of the Zee TV serial named “Tujhse Hai Rabta”. The episode begins with Malhar as he tries to make her feel better and says to her that there is no need to take seriously Atharva’s allegations. Kalyani says she doesn’t remember anything when he makes tea for Atharv. Malhar says there is one thing which you forgot, he turns his cheeks forward towards Kalyani. But Kalyani didn’t understand and Malhar kisses her. Kalyani blushes. He asks her to attend the function. He is about to go but asks Kalyani for a kiss. Malhave moves from there.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Kalyani sees her cupboard filled with Sampada’s clothes and wonders how her clothes came here. On the other hand, a girl tries to come close to Atharv. So that, he will give her a PA post. Aaosaheb also comes there and tells Atharv that she came here for the PA post. Atharv laughs loud. Aaosaheb leaves but Atharv asks her to stop and says he is keeping her as his PA. Aaosaheb thinks that she has to stay around him. Atharv reaches the function. Malhar sees Atharv as a chief guest and gets shocked. He scolds Pawar to not inform him about this. Pawar says he calls him but Kalyani said to her that he knows about it.

Malhar thinks why Kalyani tells a lie to Pawar. Atharv comes to the function with Moksh. Moksh tells Malhar that Kalyani sends him with Atharv. Malhar gets very angry. Commissioner also comes to the award function and asks Malhar that why he insists to invite Atharv as a Chief guest. Atharv says they are best friends. Kalyani reaches the function in Sampada’s avatar as she dressed up like Sampada. Everyone gets shocked to see her.  Moksh says that Kalyani is looking different. Kalyani hugs Atharv and sits with him. Malhar wonders why she is acting like Sampada.

Moksh says to Kalyani to tie his shoelaces. Kalyani says to him don’t call me Aayi, call me mom. She denies tying laces and goes to have food. Kalyani has food on Atharv’s plate and stops him to eat mushrooms saying that she has an allergy. Atharv gets shocked and wonders how she knows. Malhar takes Kalyani outside from the function and asks her why she is behaving like Sampada. She says to him, he should also try to earn money like Atharv. Don’t forget to watch the episode of “Tujhse Hai Rabta” on Zee Tv at 08:30 PM. Stick with us to get all the updates related to this show.

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