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Tujhse Hai Raabta 3rd July 2021 full episode written update: Malhar and Kalyani Intense Romance!


The episode begins with lots of troubles for Kalyani. But she is strong and matured to handle these problems in her life. Whereas her husband is also with her and he will be going to support her in the enter journey. Both of them will be seen taking a stand for each other. They are the best example happily married couple.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

The serail is doing a great job and highly appreciated by the audience. The concept and the storyline of the drama are attractive hence the Indian audience use to watch each and every single epiosde of it. In the last episode, we have seen that Kalayni’s plan is about to vanish due to Kinjal. Whereas we can see that Aparana Tia is against Kalyani but she is trying to act super sweet and innocent. But her plan is to kill her.

Later we will be going to see that Aparna Tai’s truth will be going to be revealed soon in front of everyone, As Kalyani and Malhar are putting all the efforts to know the truth her. We have seen that Anupriya has been kidnapped while Kalyani and Malhar know the truth that Aparan has kidnapped Anupriya. And they both traced the location of Anu while when they reach to save her. Aparna has set the time bomb which panics everybody.

And we have also seen that Malhar and Kalyani were trying their ‘best to save everyone’s life. By sacrificing their life. Kalyani kept on trying to walk on the treadmill so that she can stop the bomb to not get exploded. But later Malgar saves her successfully and they both use to hug each other. While in teh upcoming epiosde we will going to see how Aparan would be caught and get punished.

Drama is at the sneak peek and viewers are crazy to know what will be going to happen in teh upcoming days. So let us tell you that in teh forthcoming epiosde you will going to see the romance of the main leads. So, stay tuned to us to know more about the dram and get teh written update of teh upcoming episodes.

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