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Tujhse Hai Raabta, 31 July 2021, Written Update, LAST Episode Aired!!


The episode begins with Kalyani and his mother Annupriys is at their home on the other side Malhahr and his dad is also there and they all are talking about their marriage. So they are in a fun mood and Kalyani use to get involved in a cute argument. After this, they get ready for the Rishta.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

His dad accepts in front of everyone that he likes Annipuriys. She is also ready to get married to his dada. And then they are going t get ready for the wedding in the next one hour. After this, the elder lady of their house tells Kalyani and Malharto to shut up and focus on their work. Then Kalyani and Nalahrs become happy that finally, they are going to see a wedding Annupriya. After they got to the temple and there the wedding takes place. Everyone is happy and enjoying the wedding.

After this, we will go to see that everyone is out with me while Kyalni gets an idea to show her love to Annupriys and Malahar. Then she uses to call a tattoo artist at her home. After some time everyone reaches there and they use to see that she is yelling. Then a tattoo arttisy leveas. Everyone asks her why is she yelling like a baby? Is she is fine? What’s wrong with her. Malhar also gets tensed and he asks what’s happening?

Then Kalyani smiles and she says that everything is fine.  I’m fine you guys don’t have to worry as everything is sorted and fine. Then she uses to show her tattoos which are made on her wrist. On one hand, there is the name of her mother while on the other hand there is the name of her husband. Big of them get happy and Malhar uses to kiss her hand. Annupriya gets tensed and asks her why does she do this. As she is in a pain. But Kalyani says that I love such pains as it ahs ost of love in this.

Annuities get emotional and she asks her why is she calling jer by her name. Then Kalyani tells her that I have been decided that the way I use to call Madhuri by her name so I will go to call you by your name only. And the episode meds here.

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