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Tujhse Hai Raabta 30th April 2021 Today’s Episode Written Update: Malhar Knows Kalyani Truth!


In the first scene of the episode, Meenakshi is thinking to herself that Malhar and Kalyani have come up with a good plan but she also states that she is going to trap them up in their own plan as Pawar enters the room as he has brought up the sketch of the person who has been stealing on the highway as Meenakshi open it up and finds out that he sketch is of Param as she thought to herself that now she has a way to hold on to Kalyani’s nerves.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Malhar is recalling all of the words that Vaijanti said about the situation as he keeps all the pics of Kalyani near the pool, the song starts playing as he is recalling what she said to her as he is trying to get inside the pool and picks up Kalyani and her pics and immediately starts crying as Anupriya sees him and joins him in the pool and tells him to regain his senses as he will try to drown in the pool.

As she gets him out of the pool and questions his senses sating that he has gone totally mad and needs to handle the situation maturely as losing his life won’t make the situation any better to which he replies that he left everything for her and now she is claiming that she is married to someone else and is pregnant with his child and went on to say that Kalyani is hiding something from him to which she replied that  if this is true then she doesn’t know anything about it as she doesn’t trust her even a bit and he kept on crying and Anupriya is trying to console him by saying that she can understand his situation

And she knows that what he is going through to which he replies that she can’t understand how he feels seeing her love married to someone else to which she replies that she has been through such a situation twice in her life now, first it was Atul and then it was Sarthak and she tells him to trust her a bit and says that if that girl is truly Kalyani then she is going to bring her back to him.

Meenakshi is seeing going on with the process of interrogation as she is interrogating Param in the police station as she asks him to tell her about the woman to which he replies that she is her wife Vaijanti Reddy and she belongs to Chennai and then she goes on to torture him as she states that it is the only way to get the truth out of him.

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