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Tujhse Hai Raabta 3 June 2021 written update: Gungun blow to Utara!


The episode begins with Moksh ‘s life is in danger and he has been stuck on the top floor of the building and he is getting panic as he is a child it will be difficult for him to handle himself calmly. But being a child he is still trying his best to keep himself positive and calm.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Later Kalyani and Malhar reach there and they are taking the help of a crane to save Moksh but they have been seen getting involved in an argument meanwhile the crane comes back downwards and they ignoring it. Later they look at it and rush to save Moksh. Then crane is about to hit Kayani but Moaksh somehow comes to her and pushes her from that spot to save her life. But Kalyani notices that Ahir gets stuck under the lift and she rushes to save him.

On the other side, we will see that Avni use to exclaim her emotions of taking revenge for the murder of her husband to Malhar. She is going through emotions after losing her hostname and he tells Mlahar to take revenge for the murderer of her husband. Malhar keeps on listening to her as he is wondering who was the murderer of his brother. Kalyani also sitting there and she is listening to Avni after which she becomes soft towards her.

Later Malhar also gets emotional and he uses to cry a lot as he loses his brother. Then he makes sure that he will go to find the culprit of his brother at any cost and make him sent to jail. While it will going to e interesting to see how Malhar will going to find the culprit. Avani is in grief as she goes through the biggest loss of her life. Kalyani on the other side becoming soft for Avani and she tells Malhar to find the killer and punish him as soon as possible. The episode ends here. Watch the full episode on Zee tv. Stay tuned to us.

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