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Tujhse Hai Raabta 23 March 2021 written update: Kalyani and Sampada Searches For The Crime Partner of Atharv


Are you excited? To find out what will be shown on theĀ  23rd March 2021 episode of “Tujhse Hai Rabta”, So, Let’s get the written update of tonight’s episode. The episode starts with Kalyani share Smapada who did she managed to make everyone believes that you have been passed away. Pandit Ji questions how did she managed to handle the jeep, she tells it is because of the help of Pawar Kaka. And he asks “why did she release Avni from jail.?” She replies to win Atharv’s trust.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

On the other side, Anupriya uses to worried about Kalyani and tells Srtahk she want only one thing in her life and that is the happiness of Kalyani. While Kalyani feels bad for what he used to do. Sampada tries to calm her and says everything will be fine when they get to know that you did all these because of Moksh. Aao Saheb calls Anypriya and informs her that Kalyani is missing. Kalyani and Sampada is in park.

Sampada tells Klaynai that it’s my favorite park. Kalyani tells Pawar to call Aao Saheb and tell him that I’m in the park. Malhar reaches home and tells everyone that Kalyani was in the park and coming back home with Pawar. Later Aao Saheb Thanks, Pandit Ji. And Kalyani is feeling bad for her acts. Kalyani apologizes to Malhar and he says no it’s not your fault at all. Then he left the room to fetch food. Meanwhile, She calls Sampada into the room.

Kalyani shares that family members are getting worried for her and she can’t take the things like this. Sampada tries to make her understand that everything will be fine soon. Hence, when the right time comes we will tell the truth to the family members. But our first priority is Moksh. And both use to plan for next. They are ready to execute their plan for the sake of Moksh. Sampada is seen by Atharv and she gets worried but somehow manages to hide from him. Later she goes to Srathak’s room and gets shocked seeing injury on his hand. Watch the full episode on Zee Tv at 8:30 from Monday to Friday.

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