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Tujhse Hai Raabta, 12th May 2021, Written Update, Anupriya Kidnap


The episode begins with the kidnap of Annupriya. Yes, we are going to see that Annupriya going to be kidnapped. Not only this we will also go to see that Kalyani will gonna be shocked as there is something against of her which makes her tensed and shocked. Well, the track of tonight’s episode starts with Meenakshi use to hide her mobile phone very smartly so, that she can overhear Kalyani and Malhar’s conversation.

Tujhse Hai Raabta

Then Meenakshi sits in her car and she uses to overhear their conversation. While Kalyani uses to say that “I have a doubt on Meenakshi, as she is that investigator and we can’t trust her blindly. (Meanwhile, Annupriya comes there) We must have to plan something strong to collect evidence against her. (Annupriya says to her I’m ready to do what you want.) Annupriya you have to lie on a bed and have act like Sunita and when the Mennaksi will come here we all going to record her.”

Whereas Meenakshi so starts and clever she has been listening to her and overhears Klayani’s planning against her. Where Kalyani, on the other hand, is all set to execute her plan and she is excited about it too hence she calls Meenakshi and tells her to come to the location. Before reaching there Meenakshi kidnaps Annupriys so, that Kalyan’s plan can flop and she will catch her red-handed. On the other side when Meenakshi reaches there Kalyani and Mahkar are unaware of the truth and they are getting tested wondering what if Meenakshi gets to know that it’s Annupriys in the replacement of Sunita.

Later Meenakshi is there and she lies to Kalyani that “she has been registered Sunita’s allegations and everything is sorted now.” Later Kalyani gets to know the truth that Meenakshi has been kidnapped Annupriya and it was all her plan. Kalyani gets the biggest shock. She goes to a nurse who helps Meenaskshi to execute her kidnapping plan. Whereas Malhar is also getting tensed as their truth going to unveiled in front of everyone and how will they going to get out of it.

The serial is highly cherishing by the audience as it is interesting snd exciting for them to watch. Now the question is how will Kalyani and Malhar going to face the upcoming issues. The episode of tonight is going to entertain you a lot.

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