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TU BHI SATAYA JAYEGA Feat Jashmin & Aly Goni Official Video Short Clips For Whatsapp Status


The much awaited track of the Bigg Boss contestants who have done really well in the show and have been hugely loved by fans all over the country is finally out and the fans have been showering the video since the release of the song.Tu Bhi Sataya Jayega (Official Teaser) Vishal Mishra | Aly Goni, Jasmin  Bhasin | VYRL Originals - YouTube

The couples have finally come out with the song which was much awaited by the fans and the name of the track is “TU BHI SATAYA JAYEGA”, The songs seems to haveĀ  a great theme and sounds so soulful as it is going to be a tail of separation, heartbreak and fake love. In the track it is being seen that the couples are married to each other and are looking to end their relationship as the couple see no future ahead and Aly Guni goes on to betray her as he is cheating on her with some other woman, the scenic beauty in the video and the angles that they have shot on these beautiful location are looking phenomenal and that has left the people awestruck towards the video.

The track has been written by Vishal Sharma, the music has been given by Navjit Buttar which has been shot on a really big scale. The married couple has been played by on and off screen couple Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin and we have to state that Jasmin Bhasin is looking phenomenal is some of the scenes and has done commendable acting in some of the particular scenes.

Fans have been reacting to the video and sharing it since it has been uploaded as the video was much awaited and now that it has finally come out, the video is trending all over the internet and people are showering the video with views and are expressing their love for their favorites and are also praising the song as the song is truly soulful and the singer seems to have a mesmerizing voice, his voice is the soul of the song, and the actors have truly done justice to make the songs more worthwhile to watch and we hope that they keep on collaborating together as their chemistry seems to have a magic which is the reason that they are in relationship for the past many years.

The people have been commenting about the song and are praising the couple for their brilliant work, now many of the fans have already started asking in the comments that when are they going to post a new song together that just shows that their chemistry has really come out on the screen and it seems like that the video is going to be trending for a while on many of the social platforms.

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