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Is Troye Sivan married as TikTok about husband and son? TikTok debunked


Is Troye Sivan married as TikTok about husband and son? TikTok debunked: Angel Baby singer Troye Sivan is making the headlines everywhere after revealing about his husband and a baby. Yes, you read it right that Troye Sivan is the husband and also the father of one. Since the news broke out, his fans were left amazed as no one has any idea that he is married and has a kid as well. He revealed the details about his personal life while promoting a song of himself on TikTok. Now, the fans are desperately searching to know more details about Troye Sivan’s personal life along with his husband and baby. Here, you will get all information about Troye Sivan so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Is Troye Sivan married?

Five months ago, Troye Sivan dropped his famous track Angel Baby but it has gained huge attention recently. Sivan took his TikTok account to disclose the information about the song and also shared his experience with an angel and his husband who encouraged him to create this song. After knowing this, the fans were stunned as they have no idea that the singer is married, let alone had a baby.


Troye Sivan revealed that he took inspiration from his 5 years old boy. The exact details of his son’s age told fans that the singer got married privately and also decided to have a baby without letting his fans know about it. The overlay text to Troye Sivan’s most-watched TikTok videos about the song reads “This song was inspired by my husband and our five-year-old son, Andrejo. He used to be a baby; now he’s five. Your papa and dad love you, Andy!”


Who Is Troye Sivan’s husband?

After sharing the video on TikTok, he also posted some clips of himself narrating stories about his childhood and his personal life. Fans are unable to fathom the Australian sharing much about his life and started to wonder whether the video about his baby and husband was true. In one of the stories, he shared that he was visited by an angel when he was only 8 years old, which made him create the hit track.

In the other TikTok video, he stated that when he was a baby, he cried, and his mother said that he sounded like an angel. He further said, “10 years later, I wrote ‘Angel Baby’ about that, and it’s out now. I hope you love it.” We would like to tell all fans that the videos shared by Sivan were untrue. The truth is that the singer is not married, nor is the father. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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