Trisha Paytas Is Pregnant: American YouTuber Pregnancy Announced On Instagram: It was a happy moment for Trisha Paytas that she was getting pregnant. She was waiting for this day for a long period of time but she never get any positive results from her pregnancy. Because doctors said to her that she can’t be pregnant naturally. Even if you conceive it then there are no chances for your pregnancy. As your fertility rate doesn’t look normal. After hearing this, she lost the hope of getting the child and doesn’t think more about this. But one day, when she checked her pregnancy test through a kit, it shows positive and she was startled. She doesn’t believe how can this be possible. Even the doctors would be shocked. Follow More Update On

Trisha Paytas Is Pregnant

Who Is Trisha Paytas?

She shared this great news on social media where she wrote. It was a beautiful day for me when I’m getting pregnant. Looks like God give me a chance by giving a baby. This was the most auspicious day of my life that I can’t express in words. After a couple of minutes, dozens of comments are filled with emojis and Congratulations messages in which they are saying god has listened to you. The couple was on cloud nine when they found out they are expecting a baby after fertility struggles. Trisha announced her first pregnancy with a picture of her sonogram to her fans on February 14, 2022, on Monday.

Trisha Paytas Is Pregnant

She also explained that she was struggling with the baby so many times. She reached out to many doctors to hear the good news. But every time, they say, you wouldn’t get pregnant naturally because the rate of your fertility doesn’t look normal. And we tried so many ways to normalize your fertility but there is no improvement has been seen. So, forgot your pregnancy from your mind. She looks depressed and upset after hearing this. But when she tells her pregnancy news positive to doctors they were shocked and can’t believe this.

Trisha Paytas Instagram

Currently, she was 34 years old and she shared her news on every social media platform on which she was active. Almost forgot to mention that, she was a YouTuber and she makes videos on lifestyle vlogs. You can find it on YouTube by just simply typing bludsundoll4mj. She has over 4.99 million subscribers and sooner hit the target of 5M. She gets around 40k to 60k views in every video.


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