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Trillian Arrest: Gupta ‘Middleman’ Due In Court After Arrested En Route To Dubai


Trillian Arrest: Gupta ‘Middleman’ Due In Court After Arrested En Route To Dubai: The news is coming from Johannesburg, a man naming Gupta who is a middleman who is involved in a million corruption saga is due to make his first appearance at the Palm Ridge specialized crime court on Wednesday after he got apprehended before he could board an international flight to Dubai or Tambo airport on Tuesday evening.

Trillian Arrest

Trillian Arrest

The directorate of the national prosecuting authority has been working with the members of the South African service seconded to the directorate went on to apprehend the suspect at the airport. The arrest has been linked with money laundering of the proceeds from the contacts which were improperly awarded.

During the proceedings at the commission of inquiry, the state has put allegations of corruption fraud in the public sector which includes organs of state, there was evidence which was heard on the corruption relating to the transit and the firms which were linked to Gupta and it seems like the law enforcement agency has pounced on the suspect.

It seems like the case is not at all complicated now but it was before, the suspect has been caught and he is going to be appearing in the court in a while now and he is going to be behind bars, for the time being, he has been charged with some serious allegations and the proof is sound and safe with the authorities.

Trillian Arrested En Route To Dubai

There are plenty of assets of Gupta which have been sealed by the authorities, there are three former free state agriculture department heads who have been arrested, UAE has signed extradition to allow SA to get Gupta, there are concerns over the pace of the extradition process to get them back in SA to face the trial.

This seems to be a developing story and if we are going t know anything about the case in the future then we are going to be updating you guys with the information about the story, there is nothing more to tell about what is happening in the case, there are going to be new revelations when he is going to be appearing in the court.

We are going to be there for you guys, we will update you as soon as something related to the story comes under our radar.

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