Today, we are going to talk about the famous Rapper Trick Daddy who is trending now on Twitter after sharing his personal life in a show. Trick Daddy is one of the most prominent and well-known rappers who has a huge name and fame in the industry. Recently, he shared something related to his personal life that went viral on social media. A small clip has been going viral on Twitter and several netizens are reacting to the video. Several people want to know more about it and also about the rapper. In this article, our readers will come to know more about the rapper.

Trick Daddy Challenge

Trick Daddy Challenge

Trick Daddy is an American rapper whose birth name is Maurice Samuel Young. He was born on 27 September 1974 in Miami, Florida in the United States. He first appeared on a track by former 2 Live Crew band titled “Scarred”. Then he appeared in Luther Campbell’s fifth album, Uncle Luke that has come out as a big hit. It has caught the huge attention of fans. He has gained huge popularity. In 1997, Trick released his first album titled “Based on a True Story” which was released by Slip-n-Slide Records. The album got appreciation in the Miami area.

Now, we will tell you that why Trick Daddy is trending on Twitter. Recently, Trick appeared on the Drink Champs podcast show where he revealed something very personal about his life. Yes, he talked about not music, love or Hip Hop but he spoke about his sex life. In the show, he was talking about his “Eat a Booty Gang”. During the conversation, he said that he is getting the women to support the Eat a Booty Gang. After that, co-host N.O.R.E asked him what does he meant by women supporting the gang. Then Trick stated, “Yeah, women eat the booty, too. Yeah, I get ate out.” Everyone laughed loud.

Next, the host asked Trick about his about during that act, Trick said that it depends and the host laughed again. This revelation of the rapper made him viral over the internet. After seeing the clip, many netizens reacted to the video. One of the users tweeted, “I’m glad my boy is still with us but damn I did NOT need to know that about Trick Daddy.” As per the reports of The Sun, Trick has an estimated worth of $150,000. Stay connected with us for more updates.


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