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Trent Thomas: Suspected gang violence led to Hammond High graduation shooting


Who Is Trent Thomas? Suspected gang violence led to Hammond High graduation shooting: If you are a social media netizen you hear somewhere about a piece of news that is currently trending on the internet. Currently, a piece of news is trending on social media about a 20-year-old Trent Thomas. He is the guy who is trending on the internet for his crime. Police have found him as a suspect. Trent Thomas of Hammond has been identified as a shooter in Thursday night’s shooting at a high school graduation ceremony on the Southeastern Louisiana University Campus. When the news came of the shooting at the school graduation ceremony, it take the attention from everywhere, authorities were very shocked after getting the shooting news on the campus. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Trent Thomas

Who Is Trent Thomas?

As per the report, 4 were shot on the campus in the shooting. When police started the investigation they found a suspect Trent Thomas who is just 20 years old. the shooting news has been revealed to the press at 11 AM by the authorities. When the news spread on social media about the school campus shooting incident, everyone was very shocked. Police are still investigating the crime scene. As per the police report and the other information, there is no student involvement has been found in the school campus shooting, as per the police these all happened because of only some students. They planned the incident. Police are trying to get other clues related to the crime scene which can give clarity about the happened incident during the high school graduation ceremony.

Hammond High graduation shooting Video

This incident news has been viral internet completely. This news has broken the heart of people. Four people have been shot on the school campus and one has been taken into custody at Hammond High School on the Southeastern Louisiana campus. Hammond police chief Edwin Bergeron told that in the press conference on the Thursday night that no students or youth were involved in the shooting.

As per the Melissa Parish School, gunshots rang out and families waited outside for their graduates to leave the arena. Police are trying to find the reason behind the shooting on the school campus, who is the behind the shooting. It is not clear now but authorities and police are trying to get each and single detail about it. As per the report, 4 were shot on the campus in the shooting. When police started the investigation they found a suspect Trent Thomas who is just 20 years old.

America is one of the most popular and desired countries in the world. People are in swim about that the American government also splurges a handsome amount on the defense sector as well as the education sector. Hence many students come to America from different-different countries for higher studies. Again we are back with some horrible and shocking news to update our users and viewers. A piece of news of getting more attention on social media platforms and many networking sites. It has become the point of the attraction. This news also came from America. When a shooter was arrested by the cops at 500 W University Ave, Hammond, LA 70402, United States.

As soon as this news comes to media and viral on social media platforms. People are coming to many sites and pages to get to know more details about this news. This article will be helpful to you all and We will let you all know that exact and will also provide you with the right information about this news. You are requested to read this article with the same potential.

In the high school graduation ceremony on Southeastern Louisiana University’s campus, when students were engaged to interact with their parents and were just celebrating their achievements, suddenly a shooter came onto the campus and started firing. He is identified by Police as Trent Thomas who is considered 20 years old from Hammond. The concerned team and authorities charged him with second-degree murder.

The police were charged with property damage and shooting in a school camous. According to the Southeastern Louisiana campus authorities said, He was found along with his three friends and partners to be shot on the high school campus of Hammond High School. The superintendent of Tangipahoa Parish School said that families were waiting for their graduates outside when this incident was reported.

One of them is in the custody of the police. The chief of Hammond Police Mr. Edwin Bergeron said at a news conference on Thursday night that, there is no clue which is related to find out internally links yet. no students on the campus were involved in the shooting. There is no information about those who are injured and critical in this shooting.

The concerned authorities and team in investigating this case and trying to get the real culprit behind the bars. The team of police is requesting to pubic that, if anyone has any videos and pictures of that night please share them with the Hammond Police Department or the  Southeastern Louisiana police Department.

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