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Toyz Arrested: League Of Legends Season 2 World Champion Toyz Arrested


Toyz Arrested: League Of Legends Season 2 World Champion Toyz Arrested On Suspicion of Drug Trafficking: A former world champion and a legendary mid laner for 2021 Taipei Assassins, Kurtis “Toyz” Lau has been arrested for drug trafficking charges, the reports which have come are from multiple Taiwanese news outlets, marijuana was found at his residence, there is also evidence that has led to the suggestion of an intention to sell.

Toyz Arrested

Toyz Arrested

Lau has been taken into custody for drug testing and the police have requested the court to detain him further, under the Narcotics prevention act, Marijuana is classified as a Class 2 illegal drug, the people who have the intent to distribute the Class 2 narcotic can face up to 7 years in jail time and a fine of five New Taiwan dollars.

Toyz Arrested

Toyz is a pro gamer who debuted in the year 2011, he was the mid laner of Taipei Assassin’s line up in the year 2012, the beat Korea’s Azubu Forst in the grand finals to become the winners of season 2, then he has been working with multiple esports organizations for many years, eventually shifting his focus to content creation.

Why was Toyz Arrested?

This seems to be a developing story and there are going to be many revelations which are going to be made in the case, he is going to appear in the court and it has not been decided by the court if they want to put him in custody until he appears in the court.

Toyz Arrested

There are many things that have not been started and the case is going to be referred to in detail as the investigation of the authorities moves ahead, it seems like he is going to be in huge trouble as the country has pretty strict laws for Marijuana.

We are going to be here for you guys in order to keep you updated about the story which is not fully clear, there are many things that haven’t been stated by the authorities and the court itself, we need to wait for things to get developed, there are many things which have not been stated in the public domain.

We are going to be coming up with a new article for the story if something important gets released in the public domain, we are going to update you guys as soon as something comes up under our radar.

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