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Top Tricks for Spotify You Never Knew About


Spotify has been dominating the music streaming industry for a while now. They have about 406 million active users in the 4th quarter of 2021, an increase of over 60M listeners within a year. Spotify has been considered a safe bet when it comes to finding new music.


They have been able to achieve such a significant level of dominance by providing both free and paid versions of their service. There are some tricks that most of the users don’t know about like finding hidden songs on Spotify.

In this article, we’ll discuss some hidden Spotify premium features. Sometimes, our favorite songs can’t be played due to regional restrictions. We can use an Android VPN app for this purpose. So, we’ll also briefly explain how to get VPN on Android later in the article.

Are you a Spotify user and have any of the following questions:

  • How can I make my Spotify cool?
  • What is some Spotify hacks?
  • How can I see who looks at my Spotify?

If your answer is “yes”, then keep reading this article!

10 Best Spotify Hacks:

Restore deleted playlists:

Ever felt the need to delete a playlist on Spotify that you really regret? Well, don’t worry because there is a way to bring back your deleted playlists just in case. People need to log in to the Spotify website, not the app, and click on Recover Playlist and Restore.

The deleted playlists can be restored within 90 days. After this time period, there is no way to bring back the deleted playlists.

Sync & control playback from any device:

We often listen to music while working on our mobile phones. However, using the phone again and again to control playback can be disturbing. Spotify allows people to log in to other devices at a time, and it will automatically sync the data. With this, they can play any song on their mobiles and control them from their laptops.

Block specific artists:

If you love music but hate a particular artist, Spotify has the perfect feature for you.From the home feed, go to the artist’s home page you want to block. Click the three dots menu and click on “Don’t play this artist.” It will stop recommending songs by this artist.

Spotify’s playlist folders:

The best Spotify hacks are the little things that make the music listening experience that much more enjoyable. Listeners can now create folders for various styles of music and can even discover new favorites through playlist recommendations.

Turn on data saver mode:

The Internet is a precious resource, and the best way to conserve it is by using a data saver mode when possible. Data saver mode on Spotify cuts the amount of data used in streaming by about half, saving your internet data. This can be done by going into settings and people will see a data saver option there.

While we are discussing how to save internet data while listening to music, it is also important to know how to listen to online music securely without compromising personal data. The best way is to use VPN for Android free.

A VPN is a way to safely connect to the internet while shielding the computer or device’s IP address. People can use a VPN to bypass censorship restrictions, unblock websites & songs, and get around geo-restrictions.

The question here is, which VPN app for Android is the best? We recommend people use VeePN as it is the best VPN for secure online streaming without compromising the information. Try out VeePN’s free trial before using the internet next time!

Download playlists:

At some point, people might have enough playlists on Spotify to not know which one to listen to. But that’s okay! Spotify has a hack for that! They can download playlists to save them offline and listen to them without Wi-Fi or data.

Add local mp3:

Adding local mp3 music files is another hidden feature that is disabled by default and most people don’t know about it. To enable it, just go to preferences and turn on the local files. Then click on add a source and add your selected folders. These files will be shown as local files inside your library.

Enable private session:

A lot of people use Spotify to listen to music and keep up with the latest releases. It’s a great app, but not everyone likes it when others can see what they’re listening to. If you’re tired of your friends commenting on your music choices, just enable a private session by visiting the settings page.

Start group session:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could listen to your favorite playlist with your friends at the same time? If you’re a Spotify Premium user that is possible with Group Session. Click on the device, create a group session, and invite up to 5 friends.

Hide songs:

It often happens when we don’t want others to listen to some music from our playlist, right? It can be embarrassing if we stop them from listening to music. Spotify resolves the issue by hiding this song’s feature. With just a single click, the particular song will be hidden from anyone.

In conclusion, Spotify has a lot of tricks up its sleeve that people might not be aware of. They can upload their own music, make custom playlists, find new artists, and even share with their friends. The future is looking bright for Spotify as they continue to grow and innovate.

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