Top Boy Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More: The popular web series “Top Boy Season 4” was practically back in the year 2017. The production of the 4th chapter suffered crucially pandemic detains last year. Though the fans are furnished for its return, hopefully prior to the year ends. The 4th Season of the series is also being referred to as the 2nd season, after being lift by Netflix from Channel 4, and we discover the forthcoming chapter’s expected release window and what the viewers can expect from the storyline. Let’s find out more details about the upcoming chapter below.

Top Boy Season 4

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date and Plot

After the 2nd season of Top Boy, it was declared that the show was not only restored for the 3rd season but a 4th as well. Meaning admirers have been waiting to watch the 4th chapter for a while. Not only was there a 2-year wait amongst the declared of the 3rd season and its premiere in the year 2019 but the pandemic hit season 4 of Top Boy development quite difficult last year.

Netflix and Drake confirmed at the beginning of 2020 that new episodes were expected to drop amidst the same year. Though, the production was closed in Spring when the series was about to start filming. The shooting in London did not start till the month of December 2020 when star Kano and Ashley Walters released a short video about the shooting.

We are now 9 months on from that beginning filming update, and early reports are anticipating that we will see the 4th season of Top Boy by the end of this year. With a trailer still to release, the 4th season could follow the same pattern as the 3rd season and release around a month after the drop of its first trailer.

Top Boy Season 4 Cast

These actors and characters are highly expected to be seen in the 4th season:-

  • Ashley Walters playing the role of Dushane
  • Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson playing the role of Sully
  • Micheal Ward playing the role of Jamie
  • Jasmine Jobson playing the role of Jaq
  • Ashley Thomas playing the role of Jermaine
  • Simbi ‘Little Simz’ Ajikawo playing the role of Shelley
  • David ‘Dave’ Omoregie playing the role of Modie
  • Kadeem Ramsay playing the role of Kit
  • Lisa Dwan playing the role of Lizzie
  • Saffron Hocking playing the role of Lauryn

The 4th season of Top Boy will obviously clear up the sound of a bullet shot at the end of the 3ed season, and admirers still believe that Dris is not dead. The secret identities of Sarah and Lee were also unveiled which will introduce an interesting point in the 4th season.


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