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Tonde Gamer Free Fire ID Number, Real Name, Country, Income, Age, Monthly Earnings, Net Worth!


Currently, the most popular amongst the gamers is Free Fire which is a huge player base game. Apart from being a game, it has power growth in fields for example streaming and content creation. Most of you heard about Tonde Gamer, yes you are right Tonde Gamer is one of the beloved Youtubers for Free Fire and he has administered to gather a good fan following. This popular figure of Youtube is from Nepal and presently has 4.22 million subscribers on his Youtube channel along with 633.64 million views. Apart from the Youtube channel he also has a good following on his social media accounts as on Instagram he has 112K followers and on BOOYAH he has around 4 million followers.

Tonde Gamer

Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire ID number

The Free Fire ID number of Tonde Gamer is 282951914. His real name is Sarju Giri. He has played around 16455 squad matches and has beat his foes in 6990, preserve a winning percentage of 42.47%. He has around 65469 kills and the ratio of his K/D is 4.89.

Tonde Gamer

The streamer has to take participate in many solo games which are around 3356 and has remained undefeated in 278, leading to a winning ratio of 8.28%. In the Free Fire game, he has 6821 eliminations at a ratio of K/D which is 2.22.

Youtuber has played around 1076 squads games and has 807 achievements, which is resulting in a winning rate of 75.00%. He has attained 6717 kills along with a K/D ratio of 24.97. Sarju has obtained two wins out of three duo matches, balancing to a percentage of winning which is 66.66%.

Tonde Gamer Free Fire Ranked stats

Tonde Gamer

Talking about his frags which is 14 in this mode along with a K/D ratio which is 14.00. In the end, this gamer has played 4 solos ranked games and has only won one out of them which is converted into a win ratio of 25.00% along with 9 evictions and has achieved a 3.00 K/D ratio.

Tonde Gamer Income or Net Worth

Tonde Gamer

According to the Social Blade, the approximated yearly and monthly incomes of Sarju is around $23K between $368K and $276K between $4.4 million, appropriately.

Tonde Gamer Youtube Channel

Tonde Gamers youtube videos are particularly focusing on the gameplay feature of the game. Presently there are 959 videos along with the most viewed video which has 29 million views on it. In the last thirty days, Tonde Gamer has increased 380K subscribers along with 92.00 million views. It shows that people are crazy about his game and showing their keen interest in this.

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