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Tom Tugendhat MP Speech Video: Emotional Wounds Have Been ‘Torn Open’


There has been a speech which has been given by the man Tom Tugendhat who is a conservative MP and who has served in Afghanistan received a huge round of applause after he delivered an emotional speech when he was giving his views on the emergency Commons when we talk about this crisis. he stated in the speech the past week has been a struggle for all of the veterans, they are angry, they are in rage at the events which have been folded in Afghanistan.

Tom Tugendhat MP Speech Video

Tom Tugendhat MP Speech Video

He further stated the feeling of abandonment which is not just of a country but the sacrifices of many of the friends who have laid their lives for this free country, he further he had seen a good man put to the ground taking a part of him and a part of many other soldiers. he further stated about the raw wounds which were torn open and were left out raw.

It seems like parliament has been recalled to discuss the going on the situation in Afghanistan which is about the Taliban attack which has taken over the weekend. he reserved particular criticism for Joe Biden saying it is pretty shameful of the president of the US to question the courage of the soldiers with who he fought. he further stated he is talking about the men who have fought for the colors so he should not be starting about this in such a manner, he should careful with his words.

It seems like the soldiers of the country are not at all happy with the President of America as they think it is wrong of him to state, he is calling his men back to the country and leave Afghanistan and the soldiers are asking him about the men who have lost their lives fighting for the country and what about those who have shed blood and have gotten lifetime wounds for this country.

The president seems to be in a big questioning spot and it seems like he is going to be addressing the issue, if he is not going to answer this then it is going to be really difficult for him as he is going to be disrespecting the soldiers and it is definitely not going to end well for the President.

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