Home News Who Is Tom Parker’s wife, Kelsey Hardwick? Age, Instagram, and, more!

Who Is Tom Parker’s wife, Kelsey Hardwick? Age, Instagram, and, more!


Who Is Tom Parker’s wife, Kelsey Hardwick? Age, Instagram, and, more!: It is with great sadness to announce to you that Tom parker, a popular influencer has recently passed away. He was battling cancer for so many days but he didn’t get the exact procurement and he lost his life at the age of 33. He tried so many ways, goes to many professional doctors, booked numerous appointments, and discuss the disease but he didn’t get the exact one and he lost his life. His wife Kelsey Hardwick was so sad after hearing his passing news. In the last moment of his life, she says to him that he made us proud, going on the stage, delivering a beautiful message in front of the audience and many liked it. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tom Parker's wife, Kelsey Hardwick

Who Is Tom Parker’s wife, Kelsey Hardwick?

Tom is the center of our world and we can’t imagine without his infectious smile and energetic presence, his wife said. We are so grateful for the love and support you have poured out and ask us all to come together. Tom shone in the public eye as well as shone in his own eyes. Whatever he did over the past years, was all did it because of his audience. If his audience doesn’t support him, then chances are he would not be there as currently, he was now. Thank you to everyone who has attended my last concert and supported me to the last end. Your wishes, your support, your love will always push me to move forward and deliver amazing songs. Thank you once again.

Tom shared his cancer news in public where he post some pictures of CT scans of his brain and give an update to his audience that he has diagnosed with the disease. The only reason which he wanted to share with his fans is that he treat his fans as a family. And in the family members, nothing was hidden. Each and every piece of information will be shared. Keeping this mentality, he shared on the internet.

Lastly, he launched his own book which he titled Glad You are Here which means finding positive moments in the darkest of times. In this book, he shared the journey from his starting journey to the last phase of his life. All the journey, all the experiences, all the cancer journey he talked about in this book. So, if you want to read his book. You can find it on amazon. It costs around 8 to 10 bucks which was normal these days.

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