Spotify is back with a bang and it has to be said that they have been trying too much new stuff and that is the reason for the success of the app and now they are with something they are calling Today’s top fans and that is going to tell you about who is the artist that is being played by the user the most and is going to give you a data of what are the songs that are listened more by the user.

Today's Top Fans Spotify

Today’s Top Fans Spotify

The new version is being stated to be the upgrade to the 2020 top 1% which is of the fan features. this is the way that the user is going to know about how many hours they have listened to a song and is going to give provide you with a fan percent in which you are going to be seen that how much of a fan you are of the artist which is going to be completely based on the listening habits of the user.

As per what the app has started, the app is going to provide a definitive number and states to prove that how much you listen to an artist or a song, it is not going to be about how many years or months or weeks you have been listening to an artist but it is going to be about how many times you have listened to an artist or a song on Spotify.

How To Use The Feature To Find Your Most Streamed Artists

  • The time you started listening to your top artist
  • Top 3 songs of your top artist
  • The most played song by your top artist and how many times it has been played
  • The total amount of hours listening to your artist
  • and then it is going to show the final percentage

The feature is also going to show more of the artist that you listen to the most and is going to provide you with a final top percentage and it is going o give you the title of super fan percentage if you are going to listen to an artist which is going to land you in the 15% fandom.

The app is going all out and that is the reason that so many people are loving the app as they keep coming up with new things and the quality of Spotify is truly unmatched so it has to be said that if you don’t have Spotify then you should definitely have it.


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