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Tips To Rank Up Faster in PUBG Mobile Lite Season 23 Survival And Weapon Combination


After the PUBG game was banned in India within a year came back for the amusement of the players and now the game has already its Lite version. This PUBG Mobile Lite is one of the good and best options for gamers who want a notable experience of PUBG on low-end devices. Not only this, the version has lots of many interesting elements to explore such as real-life weapons, maps and many other things which have the power to grab the attention of gamers.

Tips To Rank Up Faster in PUBG Mobile Lite

Gamers are always trying to push their ranks to higher leagues in order to get extra rewards. Though, the gamers who do not have good experience in the rank pushing find it hard to get to higher leagues fastly. In this blog, we discuss the top 5 tips to rank up faster in the game of PUBG Mobile Lite.

Players Of PUBG Mobile Lite should employ these techniques to rank up faster and the skills are given below:’

  • Drop Location

The 1st tip we are giving is the list is to select the drop location for fast rank up to get the higher leagues. Gamers are advised to choose a drop spot as per their style of gaming. For gamers who love and keenly play hostile, land on hot drops such as Junkyard and Stadium. Gamers who do not prefer to play an aggressive game can go to spots like Canyon and Vista.

  • Weapon Combination

In order to get the fastest rank up in the game PUBG Mobile Lite, gamers have to choose their weapon combination smartly. Gamers pushing their ranks solo can move for both automatic rifles such as M416 and AKM or DP-28 and M416. For gamers who rank up in the squad can choose weapons as per skills. Gamers are suggested to keep a sniper in their team for the benefit of long-range combat.

  • Use Of Grenades

The 3rd tip in order to get the faster rank push is to have enough amount of grenades. There are many grenades such as Molotov cocktails, Frag grenades and smoke grenades. These utilities are very obliging in getting easy finishes or knock upon foe teams. The smoke grenades can be used as a temporary cover to get the time to enter into safe zones.

  • Healing Items

The 4th tip is like First Aid and energy drinks which are advantageous to get to full HP. Gamers who are entirely boosted also get an advancement in their movement speed within the game. It is suggested to keep at least 3 to 4 First Aid Kits, painkillers and 2 energy drinks.

  • Vehicles 

The final tip on the given list is to safeguard the vehicles in the game of PUBG Mobile Lite. Vehicles are of great need in fastly ranking up in PUBG Mobile Lite as gamers can make safer rotations into safe zones. Gamers can also erupt their vehicles to get an easy hardcover in the final stage of zones of the match.

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