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Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing: Tim Hortons To Drop Limited Double Double Inspired Merch


Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing:¬†Greeting to all of the Canadians who are in love with the drink double-doubles of Tim Hortons but has any of you has considered wearing one, well even if you haven’t thought of it, the popular coffee chain in Canada has released a limited-edition apparel collection which is inspired by the nation’s favorite sugar-laden, the merchandise is going to be dropped on 29th September which is the national coffee day.

Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing

Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing

The double-doubles collection is going to be consisting of hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, travel mugs, and matching the color of Timmies signature two-milk, two-sugar coffee drink, there is going to be an English and French version, the swag admittedly looks pretty comfortable.

Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing

It has to be said the merchandise looks fantastic and it is pretty cool looking, it is catered to the youth as there are young models wearing their merch, the merch is pretty slick, the coffee color looks amazing, it can be seen in the pictures, Deux is written countless times on the sides of the hoodie and if you want the full comfort then you can also buy the lower which is matching to the hoodie.

Tim Hortons Double Double Clothing

The prices haven’t been released by the coffee chain as of yet but we are going to be coming with an update about the story as it is a developing story as of now, there are going to be more revelations and we are going to be here for you guys to let you know about the prices of the merchandise and if there is anything important which is going to come up about the story.

our team is going to be on their toes for any kind of information related to the story and we are going to be updating you about the same as soon as something comes under our radar. It seems like this is an attempt from the coffee chain to get more relevant and they seem to be on the right path as this is going to help them to spread their name all over the country.

This is going to help them to increase their customer base as people are definitely going to ask about the merchandise if someone is wearing it, it is that fashionable, they haven’t done anything fancy with the clothing, the clothing is pretty simple stuff but the design looks pretty appealing and we are going to be seeing people wearing those hoodies on the street when they get released on 29th September.

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