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TikTok’s Content Violation Tour Cancelled Reason Explained!


TikTok’s Content Violation Tour Cancelled Reason Explained: The short video making app always remains in the talk of the discussion and this time as well this app is making controversy. The content violation tour of TikTok which was scheduled for 12th November 2021 has been cancelled after the allegations appeared against 2 of its members: Jimmy Jones and officer Charles Kingery. For the unversed, Content Violation is a popular Youtube channel with around 90,000 subscribers. The channel features 8 TikTok creators who make laughable and comedic content. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


The group’s tour was all planned to be conducted in Indianapolis’s Emerson Theater. Stars like Officer Scales, Comedic Cody, Taco and Officer Eudy were set to make a come out alongside Jimmy and Officer Kingery. Though, things went south after a Tioktoker whose name is Flawless Lawless uploaded a series of videos making allegations against officer Kingery.

Why is Content Violation Tour Of TikTok Cancelled?

The Content Violation Tour was all set to star musical guest Cori. Not only this there was also an arrangement for a “limited meet and greet” where admirers could chat up with their beloved and favourite stars in person. The 12th November event was set to be followed by the West Chicago Content Violation Tour scheduled for the next day.

The group of TikTok had another event which will be scheduled for 18th November 2021 in Concord California. At the present, all 3 events stand cancelled after this allegation. It is also pointing out that all tickets will be refunded to the watchers through the ticketing company within just 5 to 7 business days.

Accusations Against Officer Kingery Discovered

In the past few days, the accusations of sexual assault appeared against Officer Kingery of TikTok. The content creator, who had approximately 2 million followers on the platform, went offline after TikTok user “flawlesslawless” uploaded a video in which she is making serious allegations an unnamed person of making inappropriate remarks towards her.

She further claimed that “the individual”, “stuck (his)hand all the f**k way down (her) pants.” At first, the content creator did not name who she was pointing out to but, she goes on to name Officer Kingery in her other videos. The videos triggered a huge backlash against the Lawrence Police Department officer, who responded with a video of his own.


The officer stated that “There is some serious accusations going around about me and some of the other guys and I can tell you right now I have never ever sexually assaulted anyone in my entire life, and it hurting me that I even have to say that.” The account of the officer was deactivated.

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