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TikTok: Who is Lisa Tranel? Meet Viral TikTok girl Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike!


Here is a piece of news that is coming into the headlines related to the well-known TikTok user and an American actress and their names are Lisa Tranel and Jennifer Aniston respectively. Both personalities are hitting the limelight after their fans assumed that they both look alike. Tik Toker Lisa Tranel is quite famous on social media. On the other hand, Jennifer Aniston is the most established and popular actress who has gained huge popularity and fame by performing in various blockbuster films. Through this article, the viewers will get to know how this matter starts and the reaction of these two personalities.

Lisa Tranel

Who is Lisa Tranel?

Talking about the famous Tik Tok user Lisa Tranel, she has a Tik Tok account with the username @she_plusthree. Tik Tok is a famous and trending video-sharing platform that helps many people to emerge their name on social media. Lisa has gained more than 156,000 followers along with a total of 1.3 million likes on her posts. After getting so many comments comparing her and Jennifer Aniston, the Tik Toker posted a lip-syncing video of herself on popular audio of one of the characters from “Friends” which is a famous TV show.

Her recent post has gained more than 2.7 million views along with 365,000 likes, and a huge number of comments. After receiving numerous comments, now Tik Toker adds one more statement in her Tik Tok bio, to clarify that she is not look-alike of Jennifer Aniston and the statement is “Not Jennifer Aniston”.

According to her Facebook profile, she is working at Strech Zone Southlake as a General Manager. She hails from Atlus, Oklahoma, and currently living in the vicinity of Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. Earlier, Lisa often posted comical content on her Tik Tok account featuring her family and friends. Now, she has become an internet sensation. She is the mother of three and often posts her picture with them. Her children have also seen featuring in many funny online videos.

She also uploads her fitness video on her social media accounts which shows her love for fitness. We can call her a fitness freak. During lockdown days, she found another passion and that is boxing. She has more than 10,000 followers on her Instagram account. As per her post, we get to know that he celebrates her birthday on December 11, and this year, she will be turning 34. Bookmark our sites for more updates.

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