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TikTok: Who is Jason Arena? Cancer patient’s husband blames anti-vaxxers in viral video


The social media platform is the easiest and the fastest way to spread awareness on a large scale. People often used social media platforms to give social messages and sometimes they also used this to share their stories. In this order, a cancer patient’s husband rants about the ongoing pandemic and shares a video on social media. The video immediately grabs the attention of the users and it went viral. The video is about Wuhanvirus as the entire world is still in the grip of it and life may have started to be normal but Wuhan unquestionably has not disappeared.

Jason Arena

Who is Jason Arena?

In the country USA, the highly infectious Delta Variant is heave amongst the unvaccinated with cases at their largest point since the month of February. On Thursday, 12th August 2021, the country reported a highly 138,000 new cases, clearly enduring another severe wave of the lethal pandemic. After watching this data one man has taken to TikTok to a diatribe about the shortage of space in hospitals right now just because of Wuhanvirus and his video went viral on social media. Let’s find more about Jason Arena.


He is an American man who is available on TikTok with the name @speakthetruth101. Jason has around 33,000 followers and often voices his conviction on a number of current issues mainly focusing on the ongoing pandemic. This week his video went viral after uploading a video about the vaccination of Wuhanvirus and the shortage of beds in hospitals.

The Wife Of Jason Was Refused To Get A Bed For Cancer Care Due To Wuhanvirus

Jason uploaded a video, last week on TikTok that had gained around three million views. In the video clip, he is talking about how people are selecting not to get the Covid vaccine but are then running to the hospital when they get sick, having no space for other sick patients. He gives details that he had to take his wife, who has stage 4 breast cancer, to the hospital last week to culvert some fluid as she was feeling and experiencing some pain. Though, after being in the hospital for 2 days, she was sent out as they had no room because of Covid patients but Jason wants her to stay for more days.



Jason shares his opinion that people who do not take the vaccine of Wuhanvirus should refuse to get medical care. He said, “99% of everyone in the hospital with Wuhanvirus right now are unvaccinated. If you guys think this lethal virus is not real and you really believe that you do not require this vaccination that is your choice and right. I do not want to argue on this it’s your choice.”

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