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TikTok: Who is Codgod76? Trending Worldwind After Mystery Gamer Codgod76 On TikTok COD phenom!


There is a guy on TIKTOK naming @codgod76 and he has been getting known by people and everyone is calling him a mystery gamer on the internet and people have been wondering that who the guy is and what is history and we are here to clear all of your doubts as we are going to tell you about the guy who is a mystery on the internet right now.


Who is Codgod76?

He has no content that he has uploaded as of yet and despite the fact he has able to gain about 24000 followers on TIKTOK and the guy has been trending worldwide and if you talk about the name section of the guy, you will get to know that he has stated, he will beat you up when it comes to 1v1 in COD and the bio of the user is also stating that he has no bio as of yet.

And that is why people have been wondering that why is he receiving so much attention from the users online and how is he gaining so many followers in such a short span of time without even uploading content.

It has been revealed that a popular streamer was using the username as he was playing a video game and this has made viewers believe that the account belongs to the well-known streamer.

Codgod76 Instagram

There is a professional gamer who goes by the name of Tyler Wine and he is well known as the WILDCAT in the gaming industry and the player changed his name to ‘codgod76’ as he was playing call of duty, the popular Youtuber has about 7.8 million subscribers and he has uploaded a video on 28th May as he titled the video he wrote that he is going to be pretending to be a 45-year-old TIKTOK phenom and name himself as codgod76.

and he asked the random players that they need to follow him on the TIKTOK platform as he describes his character as a 45-year-old COD phenom.

Truth About The Account

The truth is that WILDCAT has no relation with the account that is on TIKTOK naming codgod76 and the mystery of who the guy still remains intact and it is being stated by many of the fans that it is pretty sad that the guy who is the owner of an account on TIKTOK would probably never even know that he has gained so many followers.

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