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Tiktok Star Quran Mccain and Wife Cheryl Mcgregor Arrested Over Fraud Explained


Tiktok Star Quran Mccain and Wife Cheryl Mcgregor Arrested Over Fraud: He is known on the platform as King Quran and his Tik Tok is available under the name of @Kingqurannewpage. He has been surrounded by the news and controversies numerous times in the past for his unique relationship with his wife Cheryl McGregor who is at the age 61 as of this point in time, she often gets mistaken as his grandmother due to the huge gap in their age. The popular Tik Tok star Quran McCain has been arrested for intentionally causing numerous wrecks over the span of the last four years in order to collect the insurance benefits, Quran McCain is a Tik Toker star having over 839.9k followers on the video-sharing platform. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Quran Mccain and Wife Cheryl Mcgregor Arrested

Quran Mccain and Wife Cheryl Mcgregor Arrested

The first incident which occurred was on 29th September in the year 2017, he caused an accident with a 2004 Toyota Sienna and then he accused the other driver of an improper lane change, McCain has also claimed that he was injured and he sought treatment at Redmond Regional Medical Center. He repeated the incident a month later, at the time he sought treatment at Floyd Medical Center this time around, for now, he has been charged with numerous counts of felony insurance fraud, aggravated assault, and making false statements to the law enforcement.


Why was Quran Mccain and Wife Cheryl Mcgregor Arrested?

Yes, Quran McCain has been arrested on 15th November 2021 as he was the culprit when it comes to insurance fraud, he reportedly crashed with vehicles intentionally or caused the vehicles to crash in order to claim the insurance benefits, after the accident he filed up false injury claims and made a false statement against the driver to the law enforcement and the investigating insurance officer.

Is Cheryl Mcgregor And Quran Mccain Married?

The couple met each other while they were working at Dairy Queen restaurant in Rome, Georgia which has been stated by HITC, McCain was 15 years old at the time, they were not involved romantically and they lost contact for a few years before they reconnected in the year 2020.

After some years, McCain came to the store as a customer and she was still working there and this is when they both started dating each other and eventually, they got married, they are quite happy with each other and have a great understanding, this shows that love doesn’t have age boundaries.

Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain are married to each other and they are pretty famous on Tik Tok, they have an age difference of 37 years in between them, they married each other in the first week of September after they dated each other for five months.

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