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TikTok star Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall drama explained


TikTok star Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall drama explained: Social media influencers and Tiktokers are always like to remain in the talk of the town as netizens usually encounter many controversies which are created by them. In this regard, one more TikTok content creator Bryce Hall is currently in the limelight as he is getting backlash after fellow content creator named Faith Ordway asserted Hall pressured her to kiss him at the conclusion of a Twitch stream. This comes after the two were told to conclude their live Twitch session “with a bang”. The 22-year-old Hall mentioned in the live stream that the 2 TikTokers discovered themselves bickering prior to the Twitch session. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall drama explained

Though he did not mention the information. Ordway exited the hot tub (where they were filming) prior to the Twitch session starting. When Bryce Hall was asked about the tension between him and 20-year-old Ordway, he stated the latter “got angry over a salty remark.” He also stated that “she began it”, referring to the brawl between the two.


Why Did Faith Ordway Leave Bryce Hall’s Twitch live stream?

When asked why the content creator Ordway left the live session, Hall said that “Bryce is a trash bag person”. She said that she intended to make the Twitch session funny and humorous. Though, the team of Hall was going a different route. Hall demanded that the Twitch session concludes with a kiss. Faith Ordway said that “she did not want to do anything s**ual for amusement.”

He reportedly called Ordway a “p**sy” as she denied kissing him. The former further says “Every girl that is done it now has a successful career.”

While narrating the incident, Ordway further added that “I said, I am successful on my own. I do not require that. He said, “No, I meant like, actually successful. That is when I decided to leave.”


Ordway also mentioned that she also requested the videographer delete or remove the Youtube channel thumbnail of her kissing Bryce on the cheek. Though the team of Hall denied cooperating. As the TikTok video of Faith Ordway exposed Bryce Hall, the web starred roasting the latter and several users made their comments on it.

Hall Responds To The TikTok Video Of Faith Ordway

As internet users fired Hall for forcing Ordway to kiss him, he made the Tweet which reads that “Welcome to clout session: it is when the lying ladies like faith Ordway attempt to make a false narrative to boost their “career” and present themselves as an angel when we both know what occurs off the web.”

Bryce Hall also created a TikTok video in this response. The former used a video clip of Ordway saying that “Hey homie, I do not know if I want to come on your stream tomorrow as I do not want to do anything s*xual for amusement.”

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall Controversy Public Reaction

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall

Faith Ordway and Bryce Hall

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