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TikTok star Bryce Hall Threatens To ‘Knock Out’ By 16-Year-Old Fan Video Goes Viral


A TikTok star Bryce Hall is in the news after a video of him passed on the social media platforms. The video is consists of some disturbing content and people are now passing their comments on this by tweeting. The video is viral now and it has been crossed more than three million views. And still to continue. The video is related to threatening content. And his fans are confused whether it’s just a setup or it’s actually true.

Bryce Hall

What content did the video consist of?

A Tik Tok account has been posted this video. The handle of the account is @celebcringe. In the footage, you will get to see that a Tik Tok star Bryce Hall will be seen in the video who has been threatening a 16-year-old girl. He is in a street where he tries to be threatening a girl.

How does the video start?

The video starts with Hall is asking a girl “come back here, with covid it’s a threat, and I have also felt a threat. That’s a threat. I’m gone to send this to my lawyer. And you dare to cross this line then I’m going to be knock out you. ”

Whilst the content of the video is unclear. It is difficult to understand what he trying to do. No reason to be found why Byrce is so angry.

Bryce Hall Repost TikTok:-

He even posted the same video on the tweeter and this one is a shock to us. The plans of him left wondering whether it is a setup. While some of the fans are claiming that it might be a stunt that took place between the Tik Tokers VS YouTuber’s quarrel.

Reactions of his fans on social media:-

A user wrote, “what’s going on. It is difficult to ensure anything as it seems so confusing. Might not Bryce will going to become a Karen.”

Another tweet reads, “is it actually the way it is looking or just a setup. It’s so confusing. How someone can do this to a 16-year-old girl.”

Bryce Hall is on Instagram and you can check out his profile with the handle @brycehall. He has 7.9 m followers and 1,055 posts. His Insta feed is attractive and interesting. You can see him with his friends and family in the pictures.

Stay tuned to us to grab the confirmation regarding the same by bookmarking us.

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