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TikTok Star Ariel Dale Shared Video She Loses Two Cats In American Airlines Flight


One of the TikTok users had trouble experience with American Airlines, where she has lost her two cats during traveling. She was traveling from Los Angeles to New York, and she had two cars along with her. Now she has gone viral on the internet, and tons of people are showing their interest in that. On TikTok, she has made a video about her missing cat, Ariel Dele, who is professionally a singer and an actor. She has shared this TikTok video of herself, in which she was crying at the John F Kennedy International airport, she stated that the airline has lost her cats. To know more about this case, do stay on the same post.

Ariel Dale

Who is Ariel Dale?

Many people have commented on her video, that very soon she will find her, they show their sympathy to her. That video has got more than millions of views on social media sites and is shared by every netizen. In the captions of the video, she wrote This was the worst nightmare of her life, her cats had already lived in the kennel for more than 14 hours.

As per the source, she has got her cars back safely, after the long separation, there are some more videos. In those videos, she has explained the complete situation, on social media accounts, she has a huge fan following, her supporters already support her in any situation. In the first video out of three, she had decided to put her cats on a cargo plane from LA to New York. Further, in the videos, Ms. Dele has said, airlines have dropped her at the long location for her cats, she was just to miss her flight almost.

When Dele’s flight was just supposed to take off, then she received a message from American airlines, that in the flight in which her cats were wad delayed first, but after some time it was canceled. After they booked another flight to take off, in the second video she was talking about a new flight which was carrying her cats was delayed as well, it was the worst thing that happened to her. Later she also to talk to customer care that asked her cats are being taken care of or not?

Finally, when she reached the pick-up location, she has not found her cats, the staff said, they do not have any cats and she started to cry.  In the end, she also found her cats and files a complaint about this.  It was a pretty strange matter, for more viral news keep visiting our site.

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