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TikTok Migrates US Traffic To Oracle Servers


Recently a social media platform TikTok migrates UD users to another server named oracle to ensure national safety as this news is all over the internet and going viral. as The TikTok data transfer process comes into action after two years of waiting as the US national security panel passed the orders to Bytedance to divest the shot clip-making application TikTok. TikTok is the world one of the most popular social media platform applications which is having a huge amount of users currently there are one billion TikTok users who are reported using this app globally and the US is the largest market for this social media application. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Recently TikTok has confirmed and came to news as its officials announced that the TikTok has completed the migration of data on the US users to servers at oracle, as this is the action which is initiated over the US security concerns for the data and internet security, to maintain its integrity on the short video making application TIKTOK, this security move was first reported by Routers and did not take place after two years of initiation when us security panel addressed the parent company BytDance to move its data as US fears that US data could be passed to the Chinese government as the chain is a communist country and the data would be used as information of us and used against us.

The US is continuously making pressure by law and its concerns over the security of the TikTok developers as this could share the personal data that it handles especially the data that is oriented to us military or intelligence personnel. At first, it was ordered to sell the app but as the Joe Bidens government came to action. the action is enforced by the US panel committee on foreign investment in the united states(CFIUS), which holds anchors over the united states’ data security for the content, especially military based.

Earlier TikTok stored the US users’ data at the center which is based in Virginia with a backup unit located in Singapore. it will now delete the previous data from there and US users’ data will be stored in the data center of the oracle which is a US-based server, and set up a USDS team for the protection of united states users’ data, Bytdance is one of the Chinese fastest-growing startups it is used in many countries, joe Biden passed new regulations on application data security that could potentially lead to restrictions on the app’s data of the US users and also can put a ban on the use of the application in the US as this is a matter of national security which could risk the information leak and breaching in the US secured information on military bases.

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