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TikTok Girl Decapitated: TikTok Girl Head Chopped Off Video, Remove Clips


There are many rules and regulations on these social media platforms in which it is clearly stated that a person cannot post anything in which someone is being harmed and that is the reason that the video which is going viral on the internet of the girl Mayengg03 who has posted a video in which she is dancing and then her cleavage got exposed but the issue is that many of the sites are confusing the video with another video in which someone’s head is being chopped off which has been deleted from the platform but the issue is that the video is going to be never deleted on the internet as it is going to be posted by numerous users now and there is no way to completely get rid of the video from the internet as the video is going to be with many of the people who must have uploaded the video all over the internet and that is the reason it is going to be to be a problem.

Tiktok Girl Head Chopped Off Video

The video has been flagged and reported by people all over the globe but it is never going to vanish from the internet, people have been regretting that they have seen the video, the buzz that got created around the video is the reason that so many people have watched the video but now they regret it as curiosity made them watch the video but the video is so gruesome that people are now thinking to themselves that why did they watch the video in the first place.

The clip starts off with a girl who is seeing dancing and then there is a 2-second blackout and then the video cuts to a frame where a woman is tied down and she is on her knees and there are 2 men who are standing behind her and then one of them went on to slice off the head of the woman but there has been no information about who the girl is, some people are speculating that this is the girl who is the owner of the id Mayengg03 but that is not true as people have been mixing up two of the videos and are speculating that the video in which ahead is being chopped off is of the same girl who has exposed her cleavage on the internet but that is not true as they are 2 different videos uploaded at a different time and some people have stated that this is not the same girl.

There has been no confirmation about the place where this gruesome incident took place but it has been pointed out by some of the viewers that the man in the video took some kind of pledge in regards to a cartel group and then he went on to do the horrific deed and it has been known that the people in the cartel groups are pretty satanic and there could be some connection, it seems like that the authorities are going to be investigating about the same and it seems like people would have to wait to know who are these guys and who is this woman who has been killed.

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