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What Does ‘Crop Story Time’ Mean on TikTok? Comments Explained


What Does ‘Crop Story Time’ Mean on TikTok? Comments Explained: The short video and lip-sync app “TikTok” always remain in the talk of social media users. The app is again creating buzz after the comment sections are being spammed by two new phrases and users are entirely not sure what the words mean. if you have logged onto the famous social media app lately, you have watched “storytime?” and “crop”? comments under viral videos on your “For You” and “Following” tabs. It is not surprising that another trend on TikTok is catching users off guard. Every few weeks or so, a new trend creates that has people confused. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tiktok Crop Story Time

What Does ‘Crop Story Time’ Mean on TikTok?

This is just another moment exhaustive through the app. Now the question is what does “crop” and “story time”? mean in this case? As you have come across a viral video, you surely scroll through the comments and wonder about the context of those phrases. What began it? Let’s discuss it more.

Tiktok Crop Story Time Trend Explained

TikTok is no stranger to accouchement out-there trends and slang that can annoy even the best of us. We are still not entirely sure what “cheugy” actually means, to be honest. With new languages coming and going from the application all the time, it is tough to keep up. Necessarily, TikTok has gone entire self-aware and the latest language trend is really poking fun at the comments so commonly watched on videos throughout the application.

“Crop” And “Need Crop” meaning explained

For those who follow meme or “aesthetic” TikTok accounts, this phrase is likely not new. What is new though is just how many there are of them now, and apparently on entirely unrelated videos. Originally users would comment “need crop” or “crop” on videos they wanted to take the screen recordings and screenshots from.


Cropping the video to have wider around it permits that to occur sans any usernames or “like” buttons visible over the video. But the comment became boring for users, viewing it on so many videos, and frequently in such a demanding manner. Cue and app-wide inside meme, commenting on beside-the-point videos that they do not even want cropping.


What Does “Story Time” Mean On TikTok?

In a similar joke format, comments asking for a “story time” are overabundant on TikTok. It looks like any video that clues to an interesting story, like a lady who discover blood in her storage unit or another one who mistakenly swallowed her AirPods, leaves individuals wanting more.


The simplest way to get all the extra details across is by creating a “story time” video that gives information about the whole story from start to end. These videos are not particular to TikTok of course and garnered popularity on Youtube way back.

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