WATCH: Tiktok Video of @thetrashwalker user Claims Coach Intentionally Destroys Unwanted Stock Goes Viral: We are going to start this article by stating about the cons of the fashion industry towards nature which is the reason life exists on planet earth, according to the figureS of UN which have been published by Vogue, there are 21 Billion tons of textiles which end up in the landfills each year. Follow More Update On

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60% of the clothing items are discarded within a year of purchase and 15% of all the clothing fabric is wasted at the cutting stage of the production. On top of this, fast fashion is all about generating greenhouse gases that use toxic chemical dyes, it pollutes oceans and rivers that contribute to the rapid cutting of the trees.


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Now there is a TikTok video that has gone viral on the internet, one of the high-end brand coaches intentionally destroys and throws away all of the unwanted merchandise and it has sent shock across social media.

Tiktok User Alleges Coach Destroys Unwanted Items

There is an American TikToker naming @thetrashwalker who has taken the platform this week in order to share some shocking claims about American luxury design house coach, in the clip which has been posted on Saturday on 9th October, she showed off some new purses that she received from another TikTok user naming @dumpsterdrivingmom and as her name suggests, she finds things from bins.

She stated as you all can see, they have all been slashed, she said this showing off the coach bags which are indeed all destroyed, she further stated this is the policy of the coach, this is what they do with the unwanted merchandise, they deliberately order an employee to deliberately slash it so that no one would be able to use them.

She further stated they write it all off as a tax expense or some kind of loophole as if they were accidentally destroyed, she further continued, it isn’t just the Coach who supposedly did this, In fact, there are a lot of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Victoria’s Secret, H& M and Nike who have all been exposed for destroying unsold stock.

These brands are doing this to preserve their reputation and exclusivity which they have created in the industry over the years by continuing the same anti-nature practices to maintain the stature of their brand which is just too selfish of these big brands and there should be a proper debate on the whole scenario.

This is a really concerning issue and there is probably going to be a petition out there to the authorities in order to keep in check as to how much wastage is being done and is it right to carry on such practices when we know that nature is pretty limited to us in this modern era and we need to preserve our nature because of which we are able to breathe and live on.


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