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Tiktok: ‘Broken Fyp’ Glitches Explained – Users Complain About ‘Broken Fyp’


There is news that is getting viral as it is related to the most liked and used app. It is the video streaming app on which people used to make videos. The app is TIK TOK and one of the users has been calmed that which he is trying to log into her account. She is facing a “broken” for you page (fyp). So now you might be thinking hate wring with Tik Tok.


Tiktok Broken Fyp

Here is the reason why users are complaining about a “broken up”? 

The tweeter is flooded with lots of comments about the issue coming on TikTok.

There is a USP for the app Tik Tok which has an algorithm and it is unique for the users. Which is based on the previous content that is related to it. So, when users of the vied streaming app stop seeing their published content they used to get worried and this seems to be the biggest issue for them.

Later there has been a claim by the user that they can only be able to see about viral content or the videos, on their fyp.

Now the question is the glitch of TikTok has been Fixed or Not?

Though, we are not 100% sure about the glitch has been fixed or not but as per the report and grievances on Twitter have surely reduced. At the time of 26th July to 27th July, the Twitter platform flooded with complaints of TikTok. Now, even so, things seem to be back almost to be on track and normal for many. As we know TikTok’s support the account of Twitter usually checks and verifies the problems and issues when it is about to application glitches, however, nothing has been informed at this time. We can only hope that the problem is resolved as soon as possible.

There is a question and that is does the app needs to set the glitch before also? 

So here is the question of your answer. No, it never ever gets to fixed any glitch before this. So in May one of the users complained that the app needs to be reset.

There was a simple problem raised before this but it gets sorted itself so there wasn’t any action taken to fix that issue.

Well, let you know the user of the app also reported the issues after this but later these issues were resolved by themselves.

Whereas there is news from the app official that they are looking into an issue and working hard for this.

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