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Tigard Homicide: Woman, man killed in Tigard double homicide


Tigard Homicide: Woman, man killed in Tigard double homicide: A man and a woman have been killed in a double homicide at a Tigard apartment complex on Thursday, this has been stated by the police. Tigard police have stated that the officers about noon to reports of the shooting at The Birches apartment complex, 11485 S.W. Greenburg road. The officers have found the woman and a man who died at the scene, the spokesperson of the Tigard police named Kelsey Anderson has stated, “Every available officer that we had gone to the scene and then detectives, of course, and the Washington County Major Crimes Team,” Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Tigard Homicide

Tigard Homicide

It has been confirmed by Anderson that the shooting is being investigated as a double homicide, not a murder-suicide, authorities have asked neighbors to stay inside their homes as they deployed a police dog into the search of the suspects or clues, it has been further stated by Anderson that the police called off the K9 track after the search went cold. It has been stated by the police, the suspect or the suspects left the area in a car, there is no one who has been arrested as of this point in time, the investigators don’t think that there is an ongoing safety threat in the area. There have been two homicides previously in Tigard for this year.

Tigard Double Homicide

There has been shooting during a domestic disturbance and stabbing in an apartment complex, it has been stated by Anderson, “Four people have been killed in Tigard this year,”, he further stated, “That’s pretty unusual, but I wouldn’t draw any correlation between that and the gun violence that has been happening in Portland.”

It seems like there are going to be a lot of informative points which are going to be released by the authorities, the investigation is going on and there are going to be further revelations in the case in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes in order to provide you with further details as soon as something comes under our radar.

Police have not released information about the circumstances of the double homicide, the investigation is going to be revealing a lot of things, we are going to be updating you regarding the story. Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of the deceased individuals, may their souls rest in peace.

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