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Thomas Mckenzie Car Accident Video: Nashville Anglican Pastor, And Daughter Killed In Car Crash


A piece of heartbreaking news has recently made the headlines that Thomas Mckenzie and his daughter were killed in a car crash on Monday. This news has come out as a big shock to everyone, especially for the family. Thomas was the rector of a prominent Anglican congregation in Nashville. He was one of the most famous and well-known personalities who had gained a huge reputation and fame for his work. Everyone is very shocked after getting the news of their demise. Many people are paying tribute to him on social media. Our concern and condolences to Thomas’ family and friends.

Thomas Mckenzie Car Accident

Thomas Mckenzie Car Accident Video

As per the sources, Thomas and his 22 years daughter were going to Texas which is the first stand on a trip to New Mexico, their car bumped into a tractor-trailer at around 09:50 AM. This news has announced by Kenny Benge in an email to parishioners, He stated, “It is with deep sadness that I write to inform you that this morning, Thomas and his 22-year-old daughter Ella died in an accident on Interstate 40 west of Nashville.” Kenny is an associate pastor of the Church of the Redeemer in Nashville.

Thomas had revealed about this trip on Twitter by writing that it is his first day of Sabbatical. He wrote that he was going to New Mexico with his daughter Ella. If we talk about Thomas McKenzie then he was 50 years old. He severed at the Church of the Redeemer as the pastor for a very long time. He was also an Anglican Church in North America congregation and also the co-founder of it. He was best known in evangelical circles in Nashville along with his friends of many dominations.

He was also an author who written The Anglican Way and many other books. He was also a frequent commentator on social media platforms about current events and movies. Stephen Mansfield who is known as the best-selling author was a part of the group Thomas and also a good friend of him. He was in grief after hearing the news of his demise.

Many of Thomas’ friends considered him a sharp mind and a kind-hearted person. He had a group of some very good and true friends. All his friends and loved ones are sending their thoughts and prayers to his family. The family is deeply saddened after losing these two, they need our support and peace. May the two souls receive peace in heaven.

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