Home News This Is Us Car Accident: Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca Pearson

This Is Us Car Accident: Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca Pearson


This Is Us Car Accident: Their Final Goodbyes To Rebecca: In tonight’s episode of the show this is Us series penultimate episode, US viewers tributed final goodbye to the character Rebecca Pearson played by mandy Moore, which they have come to love throughout the six emotionally overwhelmed and stunning seasons. this last episode has a burst of emotions. the side story of the episode is as the family experience a fateful night and adult Deja told major news at the center of Rebbeca’s final plot. as it is shown that Rebbeca in her young days in a train like her father always takes her on, the episode title – The Train. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

This Is Us Car Accident

This Is Us Car Accident

The episode started with parents boys and two girls diving into a car very recklessly and having fun doing so, and soon meet an accident, but everybody is safe except the boy named Marcus, who is injured and taken for surgery. in-hospital cafeteria boy’s father meets a guy jack Pearson. this is the night of Pearson’s house getting fire. but the jack appeared fine and with little bandages. jack Pearson passes the boy Marcus’ father and advises him to not worry much and jack went to his room to check out, Marcus’ father also came to his room with his family. Marcus falls on the operation table doctors rushed to help him. Rebbeca heard the sound of tools on the table falling.  and jack seems fine in a hospital bed.


Forwarding tonight in future adult Marcus is shown where he is proceeding to research on cancer in a medical lab and soon rushed to his senior to inform the potential possibilities of his research, he walks with a cane and limp, but his senior concludes his results aren’t enough to save the research from shutting due to lack of funds.  Marcus cries in front of his sibling as he has spent years on that project responding hi brother that its quite not possible to cure cancer on the first attempt, in fast forward scene Marcus was happy to create a medicine that has the potential ability to cure Alzheimer’s thought not cancer and that helps Marcus relevant to the person story named Deja. and speculation in the next episode is made that Marcus may be involved with Deja in future episodes.

Deja arrives at the goodbye ceremony revealing that she is pregnant which makes her very happy, she let the joy be shared with him by hugging him. but little cautious regarding pregnancy, she is uncertain about the relation of her with the baby’s father later known as malik, a workaholic. Deja was sleeping that night at Pocono’s house and her husband arrives. he told her that he opened the dream restaurant and was very excited about her pregnancy, he loves her for 16 years and wanted to marry her and raise the baby together, and finally, that’s how the awaited episode leads to a happy ending.

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