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‘The Worst Human Being’: Dan Bailey Confronts FOX News HOST Tucker Carlson: WATCH


Dan Bailey who is a Montana man has confronted one of the journalists of Fox news making Tucker Carlson who is a host at Fox News and the confrontation took place in a store of sporting goods in Livingston, the Instagram video which was posted on 23rd July has gone viral on the internet and it can be seen that Bailey is stating to him that Tucker is the worst human being on the planet.

Dan Bailey Confronts Tucker Carlson Video

Dan Bailey Confronts Tucker Carlson Video

The incident happened at a place naming Dan Bailey’s Fly Shop but it has been stated by Dan Bailey that the store has no connection with him as he has confirmed that it is not his business. On the 23rd of July, the well-known television journalist was confronted by Dan Bailey as he also came to the shop.

It was a sheer co-incident that the person who was confronting him happens to have the same name that is of the shop as he was just a local of the community and he has no connections with that business, the company has stated on Facebook that the guy just happens to have the same name of their co-founder who died in the year 1982.

The shop has further stated that they treat all of their customers respectfully and equally as the post further stated that the staff was pretty professional with Mr. Carlson and it seems like Fox News and Carlson have not commented about the video.

What Happened with Dan Bailey and Tucker Carlson

Carlson was in Montana in Livingston as he was on a fishing trip with the family which was stated in the video, it can be heard in the video that Bailey is talking about vaccines with Carlson as the recorder approached them and it could be seen that Bailey and Carlson were putting hands on each other as Carlson can be heard stating that his daughter is here in the store with him and then Bailey is being heard stating that he doesn’t care about that and went on to say that he is the worst human being who is known to mankind and the whole scenario kept on going as he kept on telling about the wrongdoing that he has done.

Bailey has also stated on Instagram that the journalist has been providing misinformation about the vaccination that is there to save people and is a complete fascist.


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