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The Wiggles Down Syndrome: Nurse Calls On Wiggles To Help Save Sarah Kelly’s Life


It seems like Sarah Kelly is suffering from down syndrome and when she found out, she is positive for Covid-19, it became vitally important for her to follow the advice which is being provided by the doctors and she has already fit in with a tube of oxygen. she is going to bat the uncomfortable tubes away and because of this her health has deteriorated, also the nurse Steven Moylan who is a nurse at the Royal Melbourne Hospital has told to Ali Clarke how he managed to help Sarah by encouraging her with the help of Wiggles as to follow the order of the doctor.

The Wiggles Down Syndrome

The Wiggles Down Syndrome

Sarah has been saved by her favorite group naming Wiggles after the nurse requested the band to help her out, the band has managed to save a life of a Covid-19 patient as the nurse requested the band to make a personalized video for Sarah and show her how to use an oxygen tube.

For Sarah, Wiggles is the band which has been always there for her as she listens to them all the time, she is a huge fan of the band, the nurse was hoping is she is going to see the video of her favorite band then it is going to convince her to use the oxygen tube and this is exactly what has happened and it is just so wonderful to see in these times when everything seems to be falling apart for the world.

It was further stated by the doctors that this was pretty important to convince her to use oxygen tubes as this is going to be the only way to avoid a ventilator, Steven had no idea at the time how to contact the band but he found out a friend who was working for Starlight children foundation who helped the nurse out to get in contact with the band.

It seems like the band moved because of the story of Sarah which is the reason they tried to help her out and by this time it was stated she has been placed in a coma as the desperation for oxygen was at its peak. She is now perfectly fine and it has been stated by the nurse, Sarah’s story has been so positive and has provided an effect of positivity when we talk about patients and staff and this has genuinely uplifted the mood of the people in these times of Covid.

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