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The Rookie Season 4 Titus Makin Jr & Why Did Jackson Die On The Rookie?


The Rookie Season 4 Titus Makin Jr & Why Did Jackson Die On The Rookie?: It seems like people all over the globe are enjoying the series “The Rookie” and people are invested in the show and all the characters of the show, the show seems to be gaining popularity as time passes by, the fanbase of the show is getting stronger and stronger and we would like to talk about the show with you guys.

The Rookie Season 4 Titus Makin Jr Why Did Jackson Die On The Rookie

The Rookie Season 4 Titus Makin Jr

There are speculations that are circulating on the internet about the death of the character Jackson West following up the premiere of season 3. At the start of the premiere which happened tonight, everyone was shocked as everyone saw the character getting shot, everyone who is a fan of the show is quite tense.

For many people, it was completely devastating as they are seeing their favorite character of the show getting shot and it took time for them to process what they have seen, everyone has been hoping for a way which is going to make the character live but is it going to be possible?

Why Did Jackson Die On The Rookie?

West has been a key officer in the show ever since the series started off, it should have been understood by the audiences when he was not featured prominently in the key art for the new season. It has been stated, if Jackson is gone for sure, then it is definitely going to loom the rest of the seasons, he was playing an important role.

He was one of the most valuable team members and someone who has taught all of them a lot, we are talking about who got shot but he still did his part to help out his fellow cops to find out the person who is responsible for what is going on in the show. The entire situation illuminated further.

Grey took the charge alone to get for what has happened, but where did the line got crossed? The sergeant found the guy responsible and he held him at gunpoint, he didn’t kill him though, he arrested him instead. It seems like the show is going to be more and more interesting as time passes by, so much has happened in the show that things are getting more and more chaotic.

The show is pretty good and they are going to be coming up with interesting episodes which are going to be amazing as the weeks come by.


The tributes have been pouring on the internet and the people are seeing their love and strength to the family of the 17-year-old who died because of a car accident, she had her whole life in front of her but unfortunately, it didn’t happen for her and it was evident in the eyes of the mother that she is not at all comfortable speaking about the day when everything unraveled for her.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and the family of the deceased, we would like to thank the show to have a segment for the girl who died tragically. It would have meant a lot for the family.

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