There has been a 2.3 billion spending for the coronavirus relief package which was passed by Congress in the month of December and one of the main curiosities which need to be answered through this spending as a stipulation is there in which it has been clearly instructed that the Department of Defence and the Director of National Intelligence needs to come up with an elaborated unclassified report regarding the flying objects that are being spotted every now and then which they have to submit to Congress within 6 months as they want them to state everything that they know about these mysterious objects and they want to know everything that the government is hiding bout the UFO’s as it has been observed that these objects have been rocketing around the American Airspace.

The Pentagon

The Pentagon USA UFO Report

Now it seems like that the report is going to be provided to the Congress on 1st June as they are already pretty late in delivering the report and that can be turn out to be an issue for the defence authorities who have taken so much time in submitting a report and doesn’t matter what the report contains but one thing that is for sure that there is going to be a clear and direct report and it is going to be pretty substantive which means that the Defence cannot hide anything as they have to be saying whatever they know about these Unidentified Aerial phenomena which are going to be open to the public and the people will be able to fulfil their curiosity of knowing what the government knows about the UFO sightings, there is a guide too for the people who want to believe in this or if they are just curious about what the government knows.

The legislation was passed in December 2020 and it has been stated that it has been clearly stated by the government that they need a detailed and substantive report about the UFO’s and they have stated pretty clearly that the Naval Intelligence, the FBI and the unidentified aerial task force has to report with everything they know about these mysterious events and objects, it seems like that the report is going to have all of the reports that happened in the year 2017 when a navy pilot spotted a round object which was declassified by the Pentagon afterwards and it seems like these agencies are trying to hide too much from the local public and it is about time that these people should know what has been happening in the world.


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