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The Most Popular Sports with Betting Fans


Sports betting is big business all over the world, with an estimated market value of around $71 million. It is also a growth sector, and the estimated revenue is expected to double by 2028. Some sports are more popular than others with bettors. Read on to discover which ones are the most likely to attract bets, online or otherwise.

The Most Popular Sports with Betting Fans


Football is the biggest game in the world, so it makes sense that it is also the sport most likely to be bet on. There is no limit to the number of bets punters can place on a football game, or soccer as it’s known in many countries. From the outcome of the game, to which player scores the first goal, or how many penalties are awarded, football/soccer is a sports betting enthusiast’s dream.


Cricket is another global sport, although not as popular as football. It is also one of the leading sports for betting on, especially in Asia, where cricket fans are fanatical about their teams and players. There are numerous leagues, including T-20, one-day, and test matches. As a result, cricket is now worth in the region $85 billion. For a list of cricket betting sites, follow the link.


Football in the US is a very different sport from soccer. The NFL league is the biggest sport for bettors. It attracts a global audience and the climax of the NFL season, the Super Bowl, is a huge event. Last year’s Super Bowl, where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers triumphed over the Kansas City Chiefs, posted the worst ratings ever, but even so, 96 million people still tuned in to watch. Many of those probably had money riding on the outcome of the game, so it was likely a nail-biting finale to a season hampered by pandemic restrictions.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is the sport of kings. It has been a sport for centuries, and people have bet on the outcome of horse races since the first two horses competed against each other on a track. Japan is the biggest market for horse racing bets, but the UK and Australia are not far behind, with both nations keen horse racing enthusiasts. The US also loves horse racing and popular events like the Kentucky Derby attract a huge number of bets every year.


Tennis might not seem an obvious choice for sports betting fans, but surprisingly, it is one of the most bet upon sports in the world, thanks to the rise of in-play betting, where punters can make split-second decisions and bet on whether a player will win a set. There are so many combinations of bets available before and during a tennis match that it is a good sport for beginners. Unlike horse racing, you don’t necessarily need to know much about the players, as in the early rounds it is easy to guess when high-ranked players are going to win.

Other sports popular with sports bettors include rugby, golf, and boxing.

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