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The Kapil Sharma Show, 23rd January 2022, Written Update: Shailesh Lodha and Sanjay Jhaala TKSS


The Kapil Sharma Show, 23rd January 2022, Written Update: Shailesh Lodha and Sanjay Jhaala TKSS: Here, we are back with the written update of your favorite comedy reality show “The Kapil Sharma Show” that airs on Sony Tv. It is one of the most popular and highly watched reality shows. The show has a massive fan following all over the world. It always managed to entertain the viewers very much. This weekend, the show is going to have some veteran stars who will make the episode more interesting and entertaining. Today, some big and well-known faces are coming to the show. The stars will be seen having fun with the host and other cast members. Let’s have a look at the highlights of the episode. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

The Kapil Sharma Show

In the episode, you are going to see some senior and well-experienced poets and actors in the entertainment industry including Shailesh Lodha, Sanjay Jhaala, Popular Meeruthi, and Mumtaaz Naseem. Four of them will be seen enjoying themselves. The audience will also be seen enjoying their presence. The whole set will get changed into a poetic environment. After seeing the latest promos of the episode, it is clear that tonight’s episode is going to be very interesting and super fun so don’t miss it.


One of the promo videos starts with Kapil welcoming the guests one by one. Later, he introduces them telling the audience their greater work in their respective fields. Kapil says that today, we are having the guests who have earned so many hearts in several big poetic forums and asks that today they have come to their show so if they have any other last wish. Everyone laughs. Shailesh Lodha says that he is asking for their last wish as they are going to die after this, to which Kapil says that first, they will hear his poems then will decide it.

Ahead, Kapil says to Popular Meeruthi that he has a good knowledge of Meeruthiya Arabi and then he speaks in that language. Kapil asks if he knows the meaning of what he said. Kapil says that he is like white people who had oil lake but now, have looted. Kapil asks Sanjay why he turned to the comedy industry to which Shailesh says that when he used to tell Bhajan, people only laughed. Later, the other cast members come and make everyone laugh with their funny jokes. If you want to watch the full episode of “The Kapil Sharma Show” then you have to catch it on Sony Tv at 09:30 pm.

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