Home Entertainment The Grand Tour Lockdown Ending Explained: The Old Spark Truly Back?

The Grand Tour Lockdown Ending Explained: The Old Spark Truly Back?


The grand tour is back with a bang which is a lockdown special episode and the three legends are back, they have been the pioneers when it comes to the automobile industry as they have been reviewing cars for the longest time, Richard Hammond, James May, and Jeremy Clarkson are going to be exploring many of the beautiful locations that are in Scotland and the series is going to be presenting their viewers with the lockdown special, fans were pretty confused about the ending which they have seen in the last episode as they were in some kind of bar on a faraway island.

The Grand Tour Lockdown Ending Explained

The Grand Tour Lockdown Ending Explained

The trio has been struggling with the lockdown regulations as they are not allowed to travel to many places but it seems like, they have found a way to give the fans what they are craving, what they have done is, they are exploring the places that are closer to their home and it has to be said, the journey was something special and it has been one of the best episodes of the series and of course if there is this trio then twist and turns are ought to take place.

The trio put out 3 American cars and they will be seeing questioning themselves for not taking off in the UK, the cars they chose are a lincoln continental, Buick Riviera, and a Cadillac coupe de Ville, at the end of the episode, you are going to be seeing the trio trying to create a bridge which they were trying to build across an expanse of water, in the episode you will see them trying to go to an island which is dedicated to American culture as they wanted their vehicles to feel at home.

It has to be said, the fans were on their toes as the trio was trying to make their way to the island by making that bridge and then they realized that everything in the sports bar has been made or came from China.

The show is superb if you haven’t already watched it, it is a gem of a show and you are going to know about so many beautiful places and so many cars and the beautiful shots that the team of the show takes are just truly out of this world, they have really put in their hard sweat while making the show as it can be seen as you watch the episodes, they are truly brilliant.

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