Sitcom shows are loved by the audience as they are light-hearted and feel-good shows. One such show is A Good Place. The show has become a centre of attraction for many people and has won a lot of hearts. Do you believe in the afterlife? Yes or no doesn’t matter the show will still give you some of the great experiences.

The show revolves around a saleswoman. The story starts when this woman finds herself in heaven in her afterlife and there goes the story as well. She tries to find herself and her identity. Meanwhile, she tries to hide her past from others.

The show has four seasons till now and all of them have aired on Netflix. Good Place has also gained a lot of popularity from the audience and is loved by the fans. As a result, the audience has been demanding for season 5 of the show. Speculations are being made people want a new. The season for the show to see what happens next.

The Good Place Season 5 release date

Breaking all the curiosity, there will definitely be another season for the show. Yes, you read it correct the makers of the show will be releasing a new season soon. The last episode of season 4 aired on January 30, 2020, and it was a bang on ending for the season. And now the news is in the air that a new season which is going to be the fifth season will also be coming soon.

Michael Schur the creator of the show, according to him the shoe has ended but the audience is sure about their feeling that a new season will surely be coming soon.

The cast will remain the same as the previous seasons, and it is no shock and awful news as viewers love the cast. The cast includes:
Kristen Bell as (Eleanor Shellstrop)
Ted Danson as (Michael)
William Jackson Harper as (Chidi)
Jameela Jamil as (Tahani)
D’Arcy Carden as (Janet)
Manny Jacinto as (Jianyu)

The show is spectacular and has won many awards as well. People love the show and the lightheartedness it carries. It is a binge-watch worthy show. Especially for those who believe in the afterlife. Many of the scenes of the show will make you fall in love with the characters. Hence it is highly recommended to watch this show.

As of now, there is no news about the release of the next season. There are no trailers or covers for the fifth season.

Hopefully, the speculations which the audience has made for the shows come true and soon we get to see what happens next.


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